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Besuchen Sie uns auf der ISPE Aseptic Conference 2023

Von 5.-6. März 2023 findet die diesjährige ISPE Aseptic Conference in North Bethesda, Maryland, USA, statt. Dort haben Sie die Möglichkeit, spannende Präsentationen und Diskussionsrunden zu besuchen, oder anderweitig eine der zahlreichen Networking-Möglichkeiten mit Pharma-Experten aus aller Welt zu nutzen.

Natürlich wird auch das groninger-Team anwesend sein, um Sie an unserem Stand mit der Nummer #301 willkommen zu heißen. Unsere Experten freuen sich darauf, Ihnen beratend zur Seite zu stehen und gemeinsam Lösungen für Ihre Anforderungen und aktuellen Projekte zu erörtern.

Auch unter den Vortragenden ist groninger gemeinsam mit unseren Kunden und Partnern Civica (USA) und PSM (Deutschland) vertreten. Thema und Abstract der beiden Vorträge finden Sie untenstehend. Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit, mehr über diese spannenden Projekte und deren Hintergrundgeschichten zu erfahren!

Besuchen Sie unsere Vorträge auf der ISPE Aseptic Conference 2023

Benefits of Robotics in a CDMO Environment – A case study at PSM GmbH about using a gloveless robotic filling system for aseptic fill & finish in the light of CCS for viral vector processing

Speakers: Thorsten Haefner (Vice President Business Development, PSM GmbH) and Julian Petersen (Director of Business Development and Product Management, groninger & Co GmbH)

This presentation will give a detailed overview how robotic filling technologies can contribute to higher process safety, reliability and ulitmately highest product yield in a CDMO environment. Robotic applications can add significant benefits to a companies CCS when used and applied in compliance with pharma standards. Examples will be shown on how traditional manual operations in machine set-up and machine operation can be automated to eliminate human interventions into the aseptic areas to follow Annex 1. There will be a special focus on the impact when processing smaller batches with high value API and the flexibility given by such technologies. A comparison with pro´s and con´s is also shown between traditional filling lines and robotic filling lines.

Partnering to Secure the Supply of Affordable Medicines

Speakers: Chris Purvis (Principal Engineer, Civica RX) and Matt Clifton (Business Development Manager, groninger USA LLC)

Over the past two decades, shortages of generic, injectable medications critical to the lifesaving work of hospitals in the United States have become commonplace. Hospitals now maintain permanent drug shortage response teams that seek alternatives to unavailable drugs, a situation that poses risks to patient care. U.S. nonprofit drug company Civica Rx was created in 2018 to address the problems of:

  • chronic shortages of essential medicines used in hospitals every day
  • unpredictable price inflation of essential generic medications due to shortages
  • predatory pricing for certain medicines, including insulin.

Civica is building a 140,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Petersburg, Virginia. This facility is the future home of Civica’s affordable insulin and numerous essential sterile injectable medicines that will be used in hospitals across the U.S. Building out Civica’s essential medicine manufacturing facility is a huge team project, with Civica Rx, CRB, groninger group, and SKAN AG coming together at a pivotal time. The new plant, with CRB leading design and construction, includes two groninger high speed filling lines – one for Ready-to-Use (RTU) syringes and one integra bulk vial line in cooperation with Swiss isolator manufacturer, SKAN.

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