flexcare 101: Highly flexible filling and closing line for medium to high outputs under hygienic and low-particle conditions

The flexcare 101 is a customized solution for the sterile filling of over the counter (OTC) products and diagnostics that is specifically tailored to your needs. Developed to meet the higher requirements of cleanroom classes, it enables the safe processing of sensitive products such as eye drops and nasal sprays. Our line is good-manufacturing practice (GMP) compliant, ensuring hygienic and low-particle conditions for filling and capping your products to guarantee safe use for you and your customers.

groninger flexcare 101

Highlights of the flexcare 101

  • Improved access due to hinged outflow openings 
  • Pharmaceutical-grade materials guarantee continuous hygiene
  • High output through adapted process technology
  • Integrated IoT features such as energy monitoring, process capability and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) dashboard
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More information on our flexcare 101

Items per hour
Nominal processing range
Filling volume
ml per object
flexcare 101: Overall view of the machine
flexcare 101: View into the machine
flexcare 101: Infeed of the objects via a turntable
flexcare 101: 6-headed filling station with groninger rotary piston pumps
flexcare 101: Insertion of droppers
flexcare 101: Overview of the up to 3 closing stations
flexcare 101: View of one of the three capping stations, which is screwing plastic caps
Technical details / Features
  • Processing of eye drops, nasal sprays, OTC products and diagnostics
  • Infeed turntable (DTE) integrated within the machine guarding under the laminar airfl ow
  • Filling systems: Rotary piston pump, peristaltic pump, mass flow system with option for clean-in-place/ sterilization-in-place (CIP/ SIP)
  • Pre- and post-gassing
  • Capping with up to three components
  • Standard presence controll stations at infeed for bottles and for closures