groninger cosmetic filling machine for perfume

Perfume Filling Machine: fragrance 50

fragrance 50 is a automatic perfume filling machine from the groninger ready engineered series. This machine is optimized to fill liquid cosmetic products like perfume, aftershave and eau de toilette at speeds of up to 50 bottles per minute.

In the production of cosmetics, flexibility is one of the most important criteria when deciding on a line. The groninger fragrance 50 filler opens endless possibilities: You can start with the full equipment offered or choose a less extensive configuration. You can expand and change the filler at any time at a later date. This gives you maximum flexibility and security right from the get-go. In addition to the filling and capping machine we, as a manufacturer of filling machines with many years of experience, can offer you also labeling and robotic solutions.

With this perfume filler, groninger is breaking new ground and sets new standards - and that in series. Benefit from the numerous advantages for filling perfume!

groninger fragrance 50
Example of a fragrance 50 for processing perfume, aftershave and eau de toilette.

fragrance 50 highlights

  • Crimping station with integrated quality control

    Spray pumps - as they are used for perfumes - are sealed tightly with the bottle using a crimp station.

  • Several test stations

    In order to be able to process different dip tubes correctly, we use the corresponding test stations. Sensors or camera systems check whether the dip tube is there prior to inserting it into the bottle. 

  • Different filling systems

    The filling station can be equipped with all common filling systems - from a fully automatic solution on the machine to a purely manual implementation. This way you can configure the filling system and the associated cleaning system individually based on your requirements or depending on which product is to be filled.

  • Walking beam transport

    When transporting glass or plastic objects through the machine, a walking beam transport is used. When you are changing the format, you will only have to change the transport puck, this allows you to process many different products without the effort becoming too great.

  • Filling level regulation

    In order to be able to visually ensure an identical filling level in every item, a filling level regulation can be introduced as an option. To do this, the bottle is initially overfilled and the content at this station is sucked out to the specified, always identical filling level. 

  • Different closure options

    Depending on the requirements, the system can process crimp or screw closures.

groninger fragrance 50
Filling station of the fragrance 50

fragrance 50 advantages

  • High machine availability and productivity
  • Highest process reliability with precise filling process control
  • Flexible and format-independent: Handles a wide variety of objects, including unusual bottle designs
  • Can be used for small and large production batches
  • Compact design with little space requirement
  • Integrated control cabinets
  • Easy to relocate
  • Fully CIP capable
  • Low product loss during filling and format change
  • Ideal accessibility to the units