Filling Machines for Cosmetics

Filling Cosmetics

Processing Fragrance, Skin Care, Color Care and Body & Hair Care

Cosmetic filling machines: Processing parfume, cream, lipgloss, mascara and more cosmetics

Our thoughts and actions are determined by making production processes safe, efficient and future-oriented. Safe and stable system development and system construction allows us, as one of the leading suppliers filling machines for cosmetics, to guarantee our customers in the cosmetics industry stable production processes and excellent results. And environmental protection is also on our mind: Every line, every process step is planned and executed in a sustainable and resource-saving manner. With our passion for filling machine, we can offer you the best equipment for filling mascara, lipgloss, parfume, cream and much more liquid cosmetics.

The combination of technological innovation and exemplary service makes our machines, plants and systems unique. Our proven line portfolio enables maximum process reliability for every application through the greatest possible risk minimization.

groninger cosmetic filling machine
Filling machine for cremes

Process steps of our cosmetic filling machines

Stockpiling and feeding

We always plan the stockpiling and feeding of items with our customers within the framework of an individual concept that is tailored to the type of container as well as to the way in which the items are delivered.

In this area we use, for example, hopper conveyors, dosing elevators, plate conveyors or disc sorters. In our systems, these technologies are increasingly being replaced by robot applications, which we have been using and developing for many years.

Bottles, closures and other packaging components are then fed in as bulk goods or by means of trays (also reusable systems); the robot places the items in transport pucks, transport systems or directly in a downstream machine in an extremely product-friendly manner.

Stockpiling and feeding

Filling and cleaning

Our cosmetic filling machines can be used in a variety of ways - for small and large quantities, for liquid cosmetics with very different viscosities.

Our fillers are compelling as semi-automatic small fillers as well as fully automatic high-performance machines with different shapes and sizes. We use a wide variety of filling systems: Rotary piston pump, linear piston pump and mass flow meters. This way, low to high-viscosity products can be filled as required. At the same time, we guarantee maximum process reliability for both small and large filling volumes.

The filling systems of our cosmetic filling equipment can be cleaned with the required method as needed, whether cold cleaning, hot cleaning, sanitizing or sterilization with CIP/SIP. Manual cleaning is possible without any problems due to a pump change trolley: The filling system can be cleaned due to the easy removal from the line.

We also make it possible that filling and cleaning can take place on the line at the same time. Redundant filling systems make it possible to achieve the highest possible line efficiency.

Filling and cleaning


Gentle pressing and exact screwing with a large number of different closures: This is how we are able to guarantee you the highest quality with our closing machines.
We distinguish between two types of closing machines:

  • Intermittent capping machines are suitable for press-on and screw caps, spray and dispenser pumps as well as for multi-part closures.
  • High-performance capping machines for round, flat and shaped bottles run continuously and offer the possibility to process different closures.

Thanks to the latest servo drives, the intermittent modules can be used flexibly on the basic machine and can also be combined with one another. They offer different screwing modes (torque, stop and angle) and rely on careful container closing.

The servomotors, an exact and reproducible torque can be guaranteed during screwing; with all movements it is ensured that future formats can also be set up and run on the machine without any problems.



Suitable for your product: Depending on the line, we offer either continuous or intermittent item transport--or a combination of both.

We prefer to use walking beams with a hygienic design for the filling and closing machine. On the conveyor belts, gentle movements are definitely ensured for smooth passage.

Our lines also offer the option of transporting items that are not stable and cannot be stowed in the transport puck, should this be necessary for your purposes. Through the use of intelligent transport systems with freely programmable transport carriers, we also increase the flexibility of our processing lines.


Labeling and marking

Labeling and marking can also be integrated on our groninger machines. The containers are guided precisely to the labeling station via the precise star guide and are labeled exactly by the massaging belt. As a result, a completely finished product is yielded at the end of the process. Strip end and strip tear-off monitoring is part of the process reliability.

Depending on the need and application, the printers that are suitable for the label can be used; thermal transfer printers and laser printers are generally the standard.

To ensure reliable control of labeling and marking, we rely on the use of vision systems to provide an optimal result.

With their compact design, our labelers can also be used in confined spaces, integrated as a stand-alone machine or permanently into the line.

Labeling and marking

Innovative processes for future challenges

Our research and development are the basis for new perspectives. We want to develop and implement an optimal concept individually based on your needs; to achieve that we work closely with all our customers and suppliers.

By joining project management and service together, we ensure that we are able to achieve excellent results together with you - even at short notice. This also includes the extensive documentation and validation of our lines.

Now, we also offer some digital services such as automation, improved analyses or personalization. Talk to us!