Lines for washing and assembling RTU packaging

Lines for washing and assembling RTU packaging

Excellent line concepts for washing and assembling pharmaceutical RTU primary packaging containers

Regardless of which pharmaceutical primary packaging you would like to produce for your portfolio, we can provide you with a suitable processing and line concept for washing, siliconizing and assembling ready-to-use packaging containers. groninger is also able to respond to your individual requirements when processing pharmaceutical packaging. An example is the assembly module, which is able to assemble needle or Luer lock syringes with a wide variety of closure components. With the help of a very small number of format parts, the assembly module can be set up for the desired locking systems or locking components. Thanks to many years of experience in the processing of pharmaceutical primary packaging and an understanding of the packaging and its associated components, groninger is able to provide you with maximum precision in assembly and flexibility within the line concept.

Sample layout of a production line for RTU containers
Sample layout of a production line for RTU containers

Technical features and highlights of the production lines for RTU syringes, vials and cartridges

  • Washing: WFI (water for injection) is used to wash the glass containers. With decades of know-how gained on washing glass containers, groninger ensures that even the highest requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are met.
  • Siliconizing: groninger uses its many years of development experience in the field of siliconization to create a homogeneous layer of silicon on the desired surfaces of the glass containers. Patented siliconization methods are used to manufacture sterile syringes and cartridges.
  • Careful processing: To avoid glass breakage (and the resulting particles and contamination), the glass containers are processed and transported without contact. It is especially important that the glass containers cannot touch each other throughout the entire line.
  • Laminar flow friendliness: The various line concepts and machine modules are designed in such a way that there is no movement above the glass containers. This prevents the possible turbulence of any particles that may be generated and ensures that the glass containers are always under First Air.
  • Flexibility: Our lines provide you with maximum flexibility for processing a wide variety of objects and object sizes.
  • Highest process reliability: Our systems for washing and assembling RTU syringes, vials and cartridges offer maximum process reliability through a wide variety of camera and inspection options.

Working with the groninger company is as pleasant, professional and creative as the groninger lines are sophisticated, precise and reliable.

M. Böttcher
Manager RTF, Gerresheimer Bünde GmbH