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With everyday production challenges combined with ever-growing regulatory scrutiny in light of the revised Annex 1, four world leaders in their specific industries have come together to present solutions to the world’s fastest growing pharma market, India.

Complex project requirements and long lead times, technical, process and commercial decisions must be on the spot.  We take our customers on a journey of the evolution of groninger + SKAN products that have proven time and time again to serve the industry with highest quality, meeting the toughest regulatory demands, boosting OEE and providing the most efficient service and training platforms the market has known.

Let us introduce the integra, a standardized bulk vial filling line that covers all your requirements right off the bat.  Due to standardized engineering and as a result of highly efficient risk analysis to drive a quality by design approach, the integra has proven itself to be the most brilliant solution to a market in need of fast delivery times, affordable pricing and highest technology.

The market has not ceased to show a strong trend in going RTU. On the contrary Ready to Use containers are still strongly on the rise, which is where our product the flexfill comes in to play. These 3 in 1 lines that have the flexibility to process vials, syringes and cartridges in nested format along with the flexibility of running multiple dosing systems, reaching the lowest residual oxygen demands are also modular and pre-engineered ready to go with the shortest lead times on the market.

The integra and flexfill are ready for you – are you ready for them?

We look forward to welcoming you in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.

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