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Downstream processing

Labeling, plunger rod, backstop and safety device assembly.

Downstream processing - labeling, plunger rod, finger flange and safety device assembly

For downstream processing it is important to ensure gentle and high-quality processing of primary packaging. Therefore, downstream processing groninger lines can be equipped with a non-contact transfer for the primary packaging.

Due to the modular and compact design, the system can be flexibly adapted to your requirements and packaging, and standard system can be easily expanded with additional process modules.

Process steps of the downstream processing

Plunger rod insertion

In the plunger rod insertion process, it is critical to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical packaging and plunger stopper. groninger has a patented system on the market to process and insert the plunger rod, which prevents the plunger stopper from being displaced axially or rotated in the syringe when the plunger rod is inserted. All the parameters required for this can be set and saved in the recipe management. As a result, groninger offers a safe and reliable solution for your insertion process.

Inserting and screwing the plunger rod into the syringe
Inserting and screwing the plunger rod into the syringe


Labels are an important carrier of information and, therefore, are very important for pharmaceutical products. Consequently, it is all the more important that the label is printed with the correct information and affixed in the intended location. groninger guarantees extremely precise and gentle labeling of different pharmaceutical primary packaging materials. Labels that have been detected as faulty are not applied to the packaging. All primary packaging is provided with an error-free label and labelled.  

Labeling of syringes and inspection of the label
Labeling of syringes and inspection of the label

Backstop assembly

The backstop prevents that the plunger stopper is unintentionally pulled out from the syringe barrel. In addition to this brake function, the backstop prevents the twisting of the plunger rod, so that the plunger rod cannot be unscrewed unintentionally during application. On top of that, with the help of the backstop, it creates an improved finger positioning. With the groninger assembly lines, the backstops are fully and carefully assembled on the flange of the syringe to ensure the basic functions of the backstop and preventing any damage to the glass or plastic syringes.

Mounting of the backstop for improved finger support
Mounting of the backstop for improved finger support

Safety device assembly

Billions of injections are administred around the world every year. Unfortunately, with such a large number of injections, there are numerous needlestick injuries that may result in infectious diseases. Therefore, it is all the more important to assemble prefillable syringes with safety components or safety devices. From semi-automated lab equipment to high-speed assembly systems for safety devices, groninger has everything in its downstream processing portfolio.

Assembly of saftey devices
Inserting filled syringes into safety devices