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Filling and closing line for cream, lotion, makeup and much more

creme 60 is part of the groninger ready engineered series: Maximum flexibility, perfectly adapted to the needs and requirements of your industry, with extremely short delivery times. The line processes face cream jars, makeup bottles, airless containers, mini dispensers, mini rollers and lotion bottles at a speed of up to 60 units per minute.

creme 60 provides you with the greatest possible flexibility during production. You can choose from the many equipment variants the one that suits your needs, yet you will still have a great deal of design freedom, today and in the future.

You can decide whether you’ll need the full equipment or a less extensive configuration. Should your production parameters and requirements change, simply change your creme 60 line – quickly and easily. With our comprehensive service, we are happy to accompany you from the start and throughout every change.

groninger creme 60
Example of a creme 60 for filling and closing creams, lotions, make-up and much more.

creme 60 highlights

  • Different filling systems

    Different filling systems can be used on the creme 60. This makes it possible to process products that have to be filled at a controlled temperature. A rotary piston pump is generally used for creamy products. In order to avoid air bubbles, the face cream jar can optionally be rotated in a controlled manner on a centrifuge station.

  • Change trolley

    A change trolley is available for the complete filling line including the tank. This allows to remove pumps and needles completely from the machine; a second change trolley then brings the already cleaned system back in with the appropriate filling needles. This way, one filling system can be cleaned at a time while production continues.

  • Heat sealing

    With heat sealing, the aluminum seal is applied firmly to the jar with a sealing head under heat. This does not only extends the product’s shelf life because the seal ensures an airtight closure, but the seal also shows the end user that the product is still in its original condition.

  • Placement station for intermediate plastic lids

    For classic face cream jars, a placement station for intermediate plastic lids or aluminum lids is generally suitable in addition to the regular closing station. Screw caps can then be put on and screwed on at another station.

  • Placement station for aluminum intermediate lids

    The CREME 60 can be equipped with a large number of different closing stations. With a suitable placement station, it is possible to put on and attach intermediate aluminum lids so that they do not fall off during further transport. By using a removable tray for the aluminum lids, production can continue without machine downtime when a tray is empty, as the line changes automatically to the next full tray.

  • Pre and post-screwing station

    Screw caps are placed in the creme 60 at the pre-screwing station and screwed on slightly. With the left/right screw mode, the line ensures that the cap always finds the start of the thread. This avoids screwing caps on at an angle – this reduces delays and waste. At the subsequent post-screwing station, each jar is sealed precisely and with the correct torque.

groninger creme 60
Overview of the process steps on creme 60
groninger creme 60
creme 60: blowing out, suction and filling
groninger creme 60
creme 60: Closing and inspection

creme 60 advantages

  • High machine availability and productivity
  • Highest process reliability with accurate filling process control
  • Visually perfect filling results
  • Secure container sealing
  • Processing a wide range of products, including temperature-controlled products
  • Easy and quick format change according to SMED
  • Different pump sizes can be combined and independently controlled
  • Easy to maintain and easily upgradeable, for example, simple and ergonomic replacement of product tanks and pumps
  • Maximum quality of the end product
  • Constructed with high-quality and valuable materials