groninger Services - Remote Diagnosis and Mobility Service

Remote Diagnosis and Mobility Service

Troubleshooting with RVS and VPN

Flexible remote maintenance via Remote Video Service (RVS) significantly reduces downtimes. We access the line control and localize malfunctions using proven online technologies without a technician having to be on site.

With a Virtual Private Network (VPN) we create a secure connection between the networks. This works without overloading your company network. You decide when the VPN connection is initiated. You only give us access if you need our support.

Live images help with the solution

Our service technicians and engineers monitor your line live via a small camera, which is placed in your production. The transmission helps to solve problems quickly so that our technicians can prepare for service or training on site.

A high degree of automation and a large amount of software make machines and lines flexible, but also complex. We know the delivered line down to the smallest detail and we are able to quickly isolate the causes of malfunctions. Our phone support also assists you on questions of operation, process optimization and maintenance.

Mobility service

We support you in moving the existing lines to new locations. This includes the dismantling of the lines, preparation for transport as well as reconstruction and commissioning.

groninger Service Remote Diagnosis
Remote Diagnosis