groninger Code of Conduct

Our values and goals

As a family business with local roots and a globally active hidden champion, we are more than aware of the responsibility we have towards our society and our fellow human beings. We see ourselves as a partner to our employees, customers and suppliers. Fairness, respect, trust and closeness - these are our values ​​in interpersonal interaction.

It is also our joint goal to use materials and resources responsibly. We do not strive for short-term success, we rather want to realize a long-term vision. Therefore, sustainability, prudence and a sense of duty characterize our thoughts and actions--regionally, nationally and internationally.

We allow ourselves to be guided by this conviction in every strategic decision.

Consequently, compliance with all laws, standards and rules that apply to us is a matter of course for us. We expect the same from our employees, suppliers and all other people and companies with whom we work. Resources are always used sparingly and responsibly. This approach is reflected in our system concepts as well as in the entire value chain at the company.

The thoughts and actions of the management and all employees shall be based on these values ​​and goals of the company. Fairness in competition is a matter of course for us and requires us to always treat our business partners with respect.

Human and labor rights

We support and respect internationally recognized human and labor rights in accordance with the General Declaration of the United Nations (UN) and the core convention of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and align our actions accordingly. We also equally expect our business partners to comply with these principles.

Forced labor

We are committed to the abolition of all forms of forced labor and are also committed to not using or otherwise benefiting from forced labor.

Child labor

We undertake to comply with the minimum age stipulated in the ILO agreement and to ban and refrain from any form of child labor at our company. Furthermore, we are firmly committed to eliminating child labor.

Occupational safety and health protection

Processes, business premises and resources must comply with the applicable legal and internal requirements for occupational safety, as well as health, fire and environmental protection.

Fair working conditions

We undertake to design work hours and payment in accordance with the applicable national laws and regulations.


No employee may be disadvantaged in hiring or carrying out their job due to their gender, age, skin color, culture, ethnic origin, sexual identity, disability, religious affiliation or ideology. We do not tolerate any physical, psychological or verbal discrimination or harassment at the workplace and expect all our employees to treat their fellow human beings with respect.

Environmental protection

We are committed to complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations. We want to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible when it comes to the production of our machines. We want to raise awareness among our employees and business partners that it is our responsibility to protect our environment. We not only want to save energy, but also promote energy efficiency and sustainability, consequently, protecting our environment in the long term and make it worth living for future generations.

Combating corruption and bribery

We undertake to refrain from any form of corruption, bribery or the granting any other advantages. It must be ensured that the conventions of the UN and the OECD to combat corruption and the relevant anti-corruption laws are observed.

Invitations and gifts

Gifts, business meals and events for the purpose of information, representation or entertainment may never be used to obtain an unfair business advantage and may also not be of an extent or in a manner likely cause any doubts in terms of professional independence and judgment of those involved.

Personal conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interest with personal matters or other economic or other tasks must be avoided from the onset. Personal interests may not affect business judgment nor decision-making.

Prevention of money laundering

We ensure compliance with legal provisions and the requirements of the supervisory authorities to prevent money laundering and the financing of international terrorism.

Protection of competition

We are committed to fair competition and compliance with relevant competition law and related regulations.

Protection of personal data and confidential information

We observe compliance with the regulations for the protection of personal data and confidential information. Personal data and confidential information about us, our employees or our business partners must be protected in a suitable manner from being viewed by third parties and from unauthorized disclosure to third parties or to unauthorized colleagues.

Personal data may only be collected, processed or used to the extent that it is necessary for specified, clear and legitimate purposes. The use of data must be transparent for those affected. Your rights to information and correction and, if necessary, to objection, blocking and deletion must be observed.

In terms of technical protection against unauthorized access to data and information, an appropriate standard that corresponds to the state of the art must be observed.

Foreign trade, export and customs regulations

We undertake to comply with foreign trade regulations as well as export control and customs regulations. Appropriate measures must be taken to ensure that transactions with third parties do not violate applicable economic embargoes nor regulations on trade, import and export controls nor for combating terrorist financing.


We are only able to achieve the above goals if everyone involved works together. Therefore, this code of conduct formulates binding requirements for all employees.

We want to create trust through honest and rule-abiding conduct of business, as a result, all employees are required to conduct themselves in an honest, fair and law-abiding manner in their work environment. The managers have a role model function, not only within the department, but also across departments. They are responsible for their own conduct and for the conduct of the employees in their area of ​​responsibility, as well as for the proper compliance with all procedures provided there to avoid any risks pertaining to reputation and legality.

Guide to self-control

If in doubt, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my conduct preserve the trust of all interested parties (according to FB-17-03)?
  2. Would my family and friends regard my conduct to be ethical?
  3. Have I considered the consequences for those affected by my conduct?
  4. Would I feel OK if someone treated me this way?
  5. Would I feel OK with my conduct being reported in the media?
  6. Is my conduct legal and in accordance with applicable policies?

Reporting misconduct

Employees who report potential misconduct or who provide information about such will be protected from retaliation. Misconduct is any conduct that violates the Code of Conduct and relevant policies of and/or external laws and regulations.

Employees are required to bring potential misconduct to the attention of the CSR team, ensuring that such incidents can be investigated and appropriate action taken.

The following contact is available for any reports: csr[at]


Violations of the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.


Signed July 14th, 2022

Jens Groninger

Volker Groninger