groninger flexcare 10 for Consumer Healthcare

Filling non-sterile Pharma Products, Diagnostics or Dietary Supplements? Our new flexcare 10 is the perfect solution for small batches!

This very compact and flexible machine is ideally suited for the production-safe processing of glass and plastic bottles. Individually adapted to your requirements, a wide variety of machine functions can be implemented on this system, including pre- and post-gassing, filling, insertion of droppers and spray pumps, crimping, and torque-monitored pre- and post-screwing with servomotors. Batch and audit trail protocols can be implemented flexibly and easily. Tool-free format part changeover can be performed quickly and easily due to the compact system design, resulting in high flexibility and system availability.


flexcare10 - Filling non-sterile Pharma

flexcare 10: Filling and closing machine for consumer healthcare products

groninger flexcare 10 Feeding objects
flexcare 10: Feeding of the objects
groninger flexcare 10 feeding the filling unit
flexcare 10: Feeding the objects to the filling unit
groninger flexcare 10 product tank
flexcare 10: Product tank
groninger flexcare 10 Filling unit
flexcare 10: Overview of the filling unit and two closing units
groninger flexcare 10 dropper sorting
flexcare 10: Dropper sorting
groninger flexcare 10 Insertion of droppers
flexcare 10: Insertion of droppers
groninger flexcare 10 sorting of the caps
flexcare 10: Feeding and sorting of the caps
groninger flexcare 10 screwing caps
flexcare 10: Screwing caps
groninger flexcare 10 top view
flexcare 10: Top view

Highlights of the flexcare 10

groninger flexcare 10 filling

For small and medium filling volumes

Filling and sealing of glass and plastic objects at a speed of up to 70 objects per minute.


groninger flexcare 10 filling systems

All common filling systems

The filling station of our flexcare machine is so flexibly designed that all common filling systems can be used. Which one you want to use can depend entirely on the product to be processed. For example, we work with volumetric rotary piston pumps made of stainless steel for manual cleaning or also with peristaltic pumps.


groninger flexcare 10: GMP friendly

GMP friendly and LF compliant design

The machine complies with GMP requirements and impresses with its compact design. There is also the option of attaching a laminar flow.

groninger flexcare 10: Inprocess-control

In-process control of the filling weight

The objects are stably transported through the plant with transport rakes; this makes it easy to implement fully automatic weight control.


Technical Data of the flexcare 10

Objects per hour
Processing range
Filling volume
ml per Object
  • Filling systems: rotary piston pump (RKP) or peristaltic pump (PP)
  • Closing with up to 2 components