groninger Services - Upgrades and Retrofits

Line Expansions and Modernizations

We turn old into new

For lines that have been in use for many years, technical progress often means a loss of efficiency and, as a result, profitability. Therefore, retrofits, hardware and software upgrades or conversions for existing lines make sense. Further developments replace obsolete or worn components.
We compensate for components that are no longer available on the market with structural changes. If there are new guidelines or requirements, we are able to retrofit them for you upon request. We overhaul your line at your site or at our facility.

We modernize, expand and change to your advantage

We update your machines to the latest technological standards. Lower investment costs than for a new machine and less personnel training are just two of the convincing arguments.
This increases the service life and profitability of your production, among other things, through minimized downtimes. In this way, we are able to ensure the functionality of your line for a long time to come. An update of the documentation facilitates and shortens future maintenance and service work.


  • Overhaul of your line
  • Replacing wear parts

Machine upgrade

  • Upgrade of the visualization
  • Upgrade of the control software
  • Replacement of specific components

Conversions and retrofits

  • Retrofitting new functions
  • Adaptation of the system protection devices
  • Safety-related assessments

Format sets

  • Construction of new format parts
  • Retrofitting tool-free format change
groninger Service Line Expansions and Modernizations
Line Expansions and Modernizations