Pharmaceuticals application areas

The partner for pharmaceutical manufacturers, CMOs and start-ups in the filling of liquid medicines

groninger has been advising and supplying pharmaceutical companies worldwide with intelligent filling technology for over 40 years.

We always find our own innovative and economical solutions for the different requirements of our systems. For example, a contract manufacturer attaches greater importance to the high performance of the filling system when filling eye drops, while product safety has top priority when it comes to cancer medication from a start-up.

We know every area of the pharmaceutical industry. Our customers come from oncology as well as from vaccine production. We work worldwide with pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, contract manufacturers and pharmacies as well as with hospitals. Whether you are active in research, developing innovative active ingredients or are a new start-up company: We will pick you up as a customer right where you are.

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CMO / Contract Manufacturer

As a contract manufacturer, system flexibility and availability are top priorities. Equipped with the latest technological machine functions, the groninger lines enable customers to convert and upgrade them as quickly as possible. In addition, the groninger lines for C(D)MOs are characterized by the highest availability of format and spare parts as well as the best machine efficiency.

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Vaccines and Heparins

The need for vaccines and treatments with heparin is increasing worldwide. The growing population and demographic changes as well as the continuous risk of infectious diseases are contributing to that.


groninger offers solutions for effective filling lines without you having to make any compromises. Maximum process reliability and maximum output are essential in this area. With us you’ll find what you are looking for!

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The upswing in biomedical research and development that has lasted for years has led to a significant increase in product approvals in this area. Highly complex manufacturing processes and the most difficult product properties require a high degree of process know-how for aseptic filling with the highest level of product protection.

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Generics and Biosimilars

Machine efficiency and product quality are important aspects when chemical-synthetic and biological generics must be filled. These purposes require a technology that successfully combines maximum production reliability with maximum machine efficiency. The right process solution by groninger does not only guarantee you security, but also cost efficiency.

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Cell and Genetic Material

Filling living cell and genetic material is a major technical challenge. groninger’s process solutions can be perfectly tailored to each individual product.


The main advantages: Product loss is avoided as much as possible. The protection of the operator during filling has the highest priority. Our RiskLess process solution systematically avoids contamination risks for product and operator for exactly this reason.


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Veterinary Medicine

With the growing world population, this includes also the increasing number of pets and farm animals. The resulting lack of natural selection in the animals means that the animals are more susceptible to diseases and health problems. Therefore, constant further development of veterinary products is essential.


Since many of these products are filled in large quantities and in large numbers, it is worth relying on solidly built machines with high filling accuracy.

Research and Development

During the development of a new drug, only very small quantities are required. In the meantime, small amounts have to be filled reliably and precisely in various clinical trials. groninger offers laboratory machines with the latest technology for exactly these purposes.


The LABWORX series is optimized for use in the smallest of spaces. The settings and parameters tested in the research and development phase can then be easily scaled up to larger filling lines in production.

Eye Drops and Nasal Spray

The majority of all finished medicinal products for the eye are applied locally. Aqueous drops dominate the market. When they are used, only a fraction of the applied amount reaches the target--the eye--as tears rinse out the rest. Regular use is a solution to optimize treatment. Therefore, the small plastic bottles are filled in large batches.


Small filling volumes with a high output are then of central importance for filling. Our intelligent machine technology proves its production reliability and maximum effectiveness, especially with the various combined types of closures such as droppers and screw caps.


RTU Vial, Cartridge & Syringe Filling Machines

Processing ready-to-use vial, cartridge and syringe filling machines for pharmaceutical products.


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Vial Filling Machines (Bulk)

Processing of vials in bulk: Washing, sterilizing, filling and closing.

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Nasal Spay & Eye Drop Filling Machines

Aseptic processing of eye drop and nasal spray bottles.

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