Our Services USA, Canada & Mexico

Exceptional service is one of groninger USA’s core values. Our service team works synergistically with our engineering, manufacturing and procurement departments to provide you with the best customer service.

To ensure our technical support is highly reliable and tailored to your needs, we invest in our youth and future talent. Our technicians are hired on after acquiring expertise through our leading four-year apprenticeship program. Their excellence is achieved through close collaboration with our senior technicians as well as factory training in Germany.

groninger USA Services - Charlotte, North Carolina
groninger USA Services - Charlotte, North Carolina

Good service? No! Excellent service. I would recommend groninger to anyone.

Phillip Hartley
GlaxoSmithKline plc.

Field Service

Fast and competent experts at your service

Our team of qualified and experienced technicians offers you the best technical support for your groninger machines. They respond to challenges as quickly as possible and suggest the best maintenance plan to extend the service life of you line.

  • High efficiency
  • Minimized downtime
  • Assured top quality standards
groninger USA Field Service
Field Service

Remote Support

Immediate technical support

We want to offer our customers the fastest and most efficient service solutions. Our support desk offers help through a multimedia approach with the aim of minimizing downtime and increasing machine efficiency. 

The groninger Smart Service app allows our customers to connect with our experts and share their screen via video without using the customer network.

Fast remote diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • Secure connection
  • No travel times and lower costs

Additionally, we can set up a secure network connection via an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN) without affecting (or accessing) our customers’ corporate network. This allows access to the machine’s main control systems and the localization of faults without the need for a service technician to be on site.

groninger USA Smart Services App
Smart Services App

24/7/365 Emergency-Support-Hotline

groninger USA introduced a 24/7/365 emergency support service. Customers who sign up for the service are guaranteed to reach a competent groninger technician at ANY time. This service helps our customers reduce downtime, minimize risk and give them a sense of security.


Spare parts

Made and stored in Charlotte for the fastest delivery

Our spare parts service team will help you to identify original spare and wear parts, which can be delivered quickly thanks to our in-house production and our well-stocked warehouse. Our CNC and other machines offer us the capacity to manufacture most of the parts ourselves.

  • Reliable quality
  • Local manufacturing
  • Fast quote generation and delivery
groninger USA Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Format parts

Custom format parts adapt your existing equipment to new products, allowing your production capacity to meet rapidly changing market demands.

With our US-based mechanical, electrical and automation engineers, we develop nearly 100% of all format part requests on-site.

We use in-house manufacturing and local sourcing to reduce foreign dependency, reduce transportation time and costs, and lower our carbon footprint.

  • Shorter time to market
  • Highest quality and precision
  • Make the most of your groninger lines
groninger USA Format Parts
Format Parts

GMP sensor calibration

You don’t need to use a third party calibration service for your machine/line. groninger offers turnkey calibration services for GMP critical sensors, performed by specially trained groninger technicians in compliance with ISO standards. groninger offers a complete service from start to finish, including pre and post-service verification of machine functionality, as well as removal and re-installation of equipment if required for sensor calibration.

Calibration types

groninger ensures the accuracy of your GMP-critical sensors for temperature, pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, torque, force and weight scales.

Calibration documentation

groninger takes a comprehensive approach to documenting our services. All sensors are referenced, calibrated and traceable to ISO standards and using globally recognized, proven documents.

groninger provides the following documentation for each calibration:

  • Calibration certificates for each device
  • Test reports and procedures
  • Calibration equipment certificates with calibration equipment traceability and measurement accuracy.
groninger USA GMP sensor calibration
GMP sensor calibration

Line expansion

We update, modernize and modify systems for your benefit

Hardware and software upgrades or modifications make sense for existing systems that have been in use for a long time. We determine the most time and cost-efficient modification for your production. Replace or rework old or worn components with new developments.

  • Increase the lifespan of your systems
  • Maximize the production of your lines
  • Adapt to your changing market requirements
groninger USA Line expansion
Line expansion


Build your team for smooth and efficient production

We train your staff on how to use your groninger machines to ensure a strong implementation and ensure the value of your investment. groninger training modules are developed by professional trainers and can be individually tailored to your needs. We offer in-house training at groninger in Germany, on-site training at your company and also online training. You choose the option that works best for you.

Machine operation essential

  • Basic machine operation
  • Machine functions and processes
  • Recipe and format changes
  • Dealing with machine errors
  • Production preparation, implementation and follow-up

Advanced machine operation

  • Process parameters
  • Create and manage recipes
  • Technology depth

Technical Support Essential

  • Troubleshooting, diagnostics and analysis of machines
  • Components and spare parts
  • Collecting and sending error diagnostics to groninger support for efficient troubleshooting

Technical support advanced

  • Advanced error analysis and troubleshooting
  • Replacing components
  • Service contracts
groninger USA Service Training

Service contracts

Optimizing the ROI of your equipment and reducing maintenance

A service contract offered by groninger offers a cost-effective, modular service that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. It is ideal for customers who want to protect their important resources and benefit from reduced risk of unexpected downtime."

groninger USA Service contracts
Service contracts

Based on our decades of experience with high-precision filling and closing machines, we know that not all machine parts wear out equally. That's why groninger offers a modular service with different options for maintenance and spare parts.  You can customize your service contract by choosing the modules that best suit your needs.


Refurbished machines

Service life equals value

Since our customers deserve to get the most out of their investment, we offer the opportunity to overhaul existing groninger equipment. Unlike used or overhauled machines from other sources, as an OEM, we have unique access to the original documentation. This allows us to fully and correctly restore the machine. In addition, we ensure that the components used in the rebuild are suitable and reliable for the specific application, giving you the excellent performance that groninger owners value.

Refurbished machine
Refurbished machine
Refurbished machine

Mascara/lip gloss/eyeliner filler currently for sale - US-supported replacement parts

As a groninger customer, you’ll receive full support throughout the service life of your device. And if you’re not already a groninger customer, a refurbished device is a great way to join the family.

If you have a groninger machine for sale or are interested in a refurbished groninger machine, please contact us!

About groninger USA

groninger USA offers their North American customers a first-class local service. These include, among others: Remote service support, highly skilled field service in the US, manufactured parts, warehousing for parts sourced locally and in Germany, fast parts logistics, mechanical engineering and automation engineering, quality assurance, GMP sensor calibration, innovative retrofits, machine overhaul, parts and service advice, training and project coordination.

More than 100 US employees in manufacturing, sales, assembly, engineering, procurement, quality assurance, customer service, field service and our apprenticeship program provide the world’s leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic and consumer healthcare companies with an outstanding customer experience.

groninger USA vision

At groninger USA, our goal is to provide you with the functionality, quality, flexibility and short lead time you need to meet and exceed your goals. We understand that requirements often change during the project life cycle. Using the latest technologies to adapt to change is one of our main strengths. We do not compromise when it comes to quality, confidentiality and safety and are focused on developing long-term client relationships through proven execution. The essential elements of our vision are:

  • A solid reputation for reliable expertise and the provision of first-class services
  • Commitment to the professional development and personal fulfillment of our employees
  • Building a successful team together with customers, suppliers and industry organizations
  • We give back to our community and the communities of our customers and partners.