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Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

groninger Smart Service app

With our Smart Service app you are able to get in direct contact with a groninger expert. You are able to chat, share pictures and videos and, of course, also transmit a live picture. You get answers to the questions that concern you--and that in real time.

The groninger Smart Service app operation is simple and intuitive. You only grant access to the line if it is absolutely necessary.

Through direct contact, many errors can be localized and possibly also rectified without a service employee having to be on site, this saves time and money.


Virtually--right in the middle of it: Our Live Virtual Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) gives you the opportunity to be part of a FAT without being physically present on site.
How is that possible? With our double telepresence robots (internally called Mario and Luigi) allows you to move freely around our machines via app or PC control. You have several cameras at your disposal, changing the perspective is just as possible as live communication with the groninger team. You can experience our technology as if you were standing directly in front of it.

Virtual reality at groninger

Experience your own groninger line before it has even been built. Identify errors before they occur. Creating a better common understanding even before discussing it at the line - virtual reality makes it possible. Also at groninger.

If requested, we can create a virtual 3D model of your machine for you, which allows you to view it in detail from all perspectives. You can view a detailed image of your line by using VR glasses. With two controllers you navigate through the line, you can easily test the processes virtually, check the ergonomics of the entire line and, of course, let us explain the machine concept to you.

groninger Smart Service