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Processing OTC products, diagnostics and dietary supplements

Ready engineered: Our flexcare 100 was developed, designed and implemented with your needs in mind so that it offers you maximum flexibility and absolutely reliable processes.

The high level of flexibility and availability is ensured, among other things, through the quick and tool-free change of format parts. This allows you to process a wide range of products on one line without any problems and with little downtime. All parts of the line are easily accessible and can be cleaned without any problems.

The machine can be individually adapted to your requirements. You can implement a wide variety of functions, such as multi-stage gassing, filling, weight monitoring. Even different types of closures are no problem for this line.

The simple realization of batch and audit trail logs facilitates the GMP-relevant documentation of production data.

flexcare 100

Highlights of the flexcare 100

groninger FLEXCARE 100 - In-process control

100% in-process control

The items are transported in a stable manner through the system with walking beams; this allows to fully implement the automatic weight monitoring without any problems.

Generally, two load cells are installed. Due to the intermittent walking beams transport, the tare weight and then the gross weight of each bottle can be determined before filling. This is how the net weight is determined to sort out incorrectly filled items, which are then rejected.

groninger rotary piston pumps

All common filling systems

The filling station of our flexcare machine is designed so flexibly that all common filling systems can be used. You can decide which one you'd like to use based on the product to be processed.

We work with stainless steel volumetric rotary piston pumps for manual cleaning or with CIP/SIP capable ceramic pumps. We also use a mass flow meter that can be used for small and large filling volumes. Another option are peristaltic pumps, which can also be used with disposable tubing systems.

Travelling filling needles

Revolving filling needles

The filling needles move with the items during the filling process; this leaves more time for the actual filling process without having to stop movement through the line. This allows larger filling volumes to be realized even with a high output.

The needle also follows the filling level in the containers during the filling process, this avoids foaming and dripping and further increases the safety of the process.

Easy-to-clean machine design

Hygienic machine design

Line cleaning and line clearance are important to us: During the design phase, we paid particular attention to ensure that the machine is easily accessible and can be cleaned ergonomically. When changing batches, due to the clear, all items can be reliably and safely removed from the line.

Multifunctional closing units

Multifunctional closing units

The multifunctional closing units of the flexcare 100, easily allow the processing of a wide variety of closures. We offer three different closing stations for different closure types: For droppers or stoppers that are set, for screw and sealing caps or spray pumps with dip tubes that are closed and screwed on with servomotors, and finally overcaps that are put on.

Output up to 120 units per minute

Output up to 120 units per minute

At its highest expansion stage, our flexcare series has an output of up to 120 bottles per minute; the specific value definitely depends on the filling volume of the bottle and the closing process.

Frameless doors

Frameless doors

Door frames were deliberately omitted as far as possible to always ensure the best possible view of the ongoing processes.

Specifications and Features

Items per hour
Nominal processing range
Filling volume
ml per object
Specifications / Features
  • Filling systems: RKP, peristaltic pump, MDM with option for CIP/SIP
  • 100% weight control
  • Pre and post-gassing
  • Sealing with up to three components
  • Test systems

Based on the good experiences we made, we decided to design a highly modern and flexible line together with the groninger company for the future. With this we can map all formats and flexible bottle shapes.

Jürgen Lutze
Technical Manager Pharma Aldenhoven/Maxim Branded Products
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