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groninger training programs

It is our goal to optimally meet the individual needs of our customers. Our experience and know-how ensure that processes are safe and efficient. Quality and efficiency determine our mindset and action. We are also a competent consultant and help to improve customer processes.

Comprehensive training programs are an integral part of our service concept. Technical progress leads to greater complexity and increases demands on the operating personnel. Training courses are therefore becoming more and more important. They ensure your success and lead to more efficient and e´ČÇective work processes as well as less downtime.

International guidelines and ordinances such as the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) also stipulate training courses in order to have knowledgeable and qualified personnel available. The law stipulates that the instruction must relate, in particular, to the theory and application of the quality assurance concept and Good Manufacturing Practice. We follow the current GMP standards and take all regulations and legal requirements into account.

groninger training programs
Training programs