groninger Anwendungsgebiete Consumer Healthcare

Filling sprays and drops, syrups, medical care and hygiene products, diagnostics and dietary supplements

Consumer healthcare products are playing an increasingly important role in quality of life and health: People are getting significantly older than they used to be and are better informed about illnesses, diagnoses and treatment options. Responsible consumers want over-the-counter and non-prescription medicines to treat minor ailments self-medicate and to maintain, improve or restore their well-being.

In short: The over-the-counter market is booming.

With the groninger line, you are able to process these products precisely, reliably and in large batches. Whether over-the-counter medicines, oral products to strengthen the immune system and combat colds, items for oral hygiene, dietary supplements, diagnostics or skin and hair care products: They are safely filled and sealed with our lines.

groninger Consumer Healthcare

Sprays and drops

Sprays and drops are used for various purposes. With a spray, the liquid is finely atomized and can be used in a targeted manner. Drops, on the other hand, are administered with a dropper insert or a pipette.

The filling process requires careful handling of sensitive items for both forms of administration. groninger lines guarantee you excellent quality and high processing precision.

groninger Consumer Healthcare

Dietary supplements

Vitamins, minerals, trace elements or other ingredients are packaged as dietary supplements - often in small vials and bottles - and are used here in a concentrated form and in high doses.

With groninger solutions, complex requirements in regards to filling the primary packaging can be met through our demanding sorting and feeding processes.

groninger Consumer Healthcare


groninger lines are also suitable for processing viscous and concentrated solutions such as syrups.

Different types of stoppers, caps, pilferproof caps and overcaps are usually used for the closures; even complex requirements can be implemented in the groninger line, with a high degree of process reliability - we guarantee a stable sealing and continuous production process.

groninger Consumer Healthcare


Diagnostics are mainly used for medical purposes and are filled into items that are made of glass or plastic. This primary packaging can be processed on our machines with a wide range of filling volumes from 0.1 ml to 1.0 liters.

Even with such different filling quantities, our machines still offer the highest precision during filling and the subsequent weighing process. Items with two filling chambers can also be processed on our lines.

groninger Consumer Healthcare

Medical care and hygiene products

Medical care and hygiene products such as creams, soaps, lotions or disinfectants are often delivered directly in containers with a pump dispenser or an airless pump.

At groninger, we also have the necessary know-how for this type of closure. The short changeover times of our lines not only enable fast processing when these closures are used, but they also allow for flexible changeover between different items. This way, our customers are able to change the product to be processed on the machine within minutes.