Filling and Isolator Solution from groning and SKAN

groninger + SKAN

The best of two worlds creates a new world

groninger + SKAN - Partners for health. Solutions for life.

For over 30 years, the best engineers from both companies have been collaborating on the same vision: to further optimise the world of health with innovative products and  standardised processes. Hand in hand.

groninger + SKAN - Partners for health. Solutions for life.

groninger + SKAN. SKAN + groninger

Two companies that stand for reliability, trust and innovation in pharmaceuticals. They combine their strengths to set new standards in the pharmaceutical industry and create added value. groninger + SKAN bring together the world of filling systems and the world of isolators to create a whole new world.


Together we can optimise your processes

Harnessing the best expertise from both companies, we develop solutions that will enable you to operate even more successfully in the pharmaceutical industry and make an important contribution to healthcare. Our products help you to simplify and standardise your processes because we use proven components in optimum combinations and offer you the best from a single source.

Because standards are real innovations

For an example of what is possible when two technology leaders work together, look no further than robocell. This gloveless robot system guarantees maximum product and process safety. Optimum interaction between isolator and the filling system eliminates the need for human intervention in the filling and sealing of RTU syringes, vials and cartridges. The robocell system sets new standards in relation to the revision of the draft EU GMP Annex 1 and supports the pharmaceutical industry and CMOs in their contamination control strategy (CCS).

We‘re very proud to be able to start up the first robot filling system from SKAN + groninger.

Bianca Bohrer
CEO Topmedicare GmbH
Filling Machine + Isolator | skan+groninger
Optimal combination of isolator competence and filling line expertise

About SKAN


The Swiss company SKAN is the global market and technology leader for isolators, cleanroom equipment and decontamination processes.

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