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groninger Donates 10,000 Euros to Ukrainian War Victims

The Crailsheim-based family company groninger has donated 10,000 euros to the city’s community foundation to lend Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Crailsheim a helping hand.

[Translate to English:] v.l. Jens Groninger, Volker Groninger und Daniel Hufstadt

"This gruesome war is causing unimaginable suffering in so many people and is simply unfathomable. My parents lived through the horrors of World War II. They experienced what it means to lose loved ones; to see one’s own homeland in rubble and ashes; having to leave behind what is dear to you” says Managing Director, Jens Groninger.

This is the reason we want to provide on-site help in Crailsheim and make it easier for people to arrive in Germany. “Most of the refugees had to leave all their belongings in their home country behind to save their own lives and those of their children. You are left empty-handed in a foreign country - practically with nothing. We want to provide at least a bit of relief here” says Volker Groninger.

The donation consists of two individual donations:

1,150 euros came from part of the groninger workforce. The amount was collected at the company’s internal test centers. Since November, employees have been able to test for COVID under supervision at these centers every morning before starting and at the company’s expense to meet the 3G requirement. “This offer was by no means a given. It has made everyday life much easier for the colleagues concerned” says Daniel Hufstadt, who managed the on-site test offer together with other colleagues adding “We just wanted to say thank you to our bosses for this exceptional service.”

The shareholder family had not expected this gesture. “We were and are very touched by our team’s great initiative” the brothers Jens and Volker Groninger agree.

And that leads to the second part of the donation amount:

“When the first reports of the war in Ukraine came in, it was immediately clear how we wanted to use our employees’ donations - for the people who are now forced to flee the Ukraine. That’s another reason why we decided to round up the sum by 8,850 euros to an even sum of 10,000 euros” explains Jens Groninger.

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